Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I often encounter patients who seek out opportunities to, 'stump the doctor'. It's fun and sometimes quite entertaining. Here is the last 'attempt' from a 30 week pregnant patient and her husband... "Dr. Allred my wife and I are going to California this week, is it safe for her to be out in the sun?'
me: "Yes it is safe as long as appropriate precautions are taken and you use common sense."
"Are tanning beds considered safe?"
me:"I would recommend not using the tanning bed during pregnancy for various reasons."
"Well then what's the difference between being on the beach and using a tanning bed?"
me(and this stumped him)" The differnce is simple...you can't sue God for making the sun too hot but you can sue the owner of the tanning bed if your baby has any complications from either one."
I know it's not much but I thought it was fun...I love the logic of the left side of the brain...

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ginny said...

HAHAHAHA!!!!!! That is hysterical!! The next time I go in to see my OB-GYN doc I will have to come up with something spectacular...did I ever tell you about a co-workers embarrassing moment with the sparkle spray that she thought was feminine deoderant????