Thursday, August 7, 2008

Coldplay Concert

Nanette and I had a great weekend in Las Vegas!! We saw the 'Bodies' exhibit and it was absolutely amazing. They have created some intricate exhibits that place the creation of the human body as the greatest work of art in my book.(They did however mislable the biggy). The highlight of the trip...besides being with Nanette for an uninterrupted 36 hours...was the Coldplay concert. We had a blast. We have front row seats for the concert on Nov 21st in Denver. We are taking Hannah and Caleb to the Nov 22nd concert in SLC. VIVA LA VIDA BABY!!!


ginny said...

You guys rock!!!!! They are showing in Atlanta on November know, we would meet you there to see the concert if you wanted to fly into Atlanta too, might as well make the rounds to make sure they are spectacular everywhere they play!

Matt said...

I'm so jealous! One day when we're rich and famous like you guys..we'll have to go together