Sunday, October 19, 2008

Extreme Jump Rope Show


Proform Airborne put on a fantastic show October 18th 2008. We had three USA National Team Members there. Over 1000 people came to see the show. Nanette was in charge of putting the show together and was made an honorary team member. I have made a photo-library of some of Hannah and Caleb's highlights. The last few pictures of Hannah's highlight's, Proform is pulling off, possibly the largest rainbow routine ever performed (30 mistakes). Enjoy....


Jen said...

Awesome! We were all so excited to see this! (Ethan says "not excited, exhilarated!") We love Caleb's hair too. We all miss you and wish you could visit again-
From all of us :)

Paul and Kristina said...

This is your cousin Kristina. I found your blog through Ben and Jen.
First off, you have a beautiful family and I love that you are a runner.
That jump roping is quite possibly one of the coolest things I have seen in awhile. I love the whole "Cotton Eye Joe" routine. Way to go Nanette for putting it together. Very entertaining. Thanks for the post!