Sunday, April 6, 2008

Region 12 Jump Rope

Hannah and Caleb just finished the regional jumprope competition in Boise Idaho. They were fantastic. Hannah jumped in the very competative girls 13-14 year age group came away with two 6th place ribbons, two fifth place ribbons and one fourth place ribbon qualifying for a spot at the National Jump Rope tournament in Orlando Florida. Hannah's single routine included a roundoff back tuck. Caleb also qualified for Nationals with three second place ribbons, three third place, one fifth and one sixth place ribbon. He took second with his boys 11-12 year age group single freestyle. They will likely be competing in the West Coast Junior Olympics this summer to better prepare for the National competition next year. If you haven't seen our kids show off at half-time shows you are missing a real treat.

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Ben said...

Hey Hannah, nice ribbons! I always thought you were just 'skipping' rope - but then we watched that Jump show with Corbin Bleu.. Wow. If that is what you guys are doing I'm floored with awe and reverence for you! Nice job!